The ultimate security is your understanding of reality.

Your security matters.

Security has always been a privilege due to the cost and effort involved. Let us help you and advise you so that you understand the real risks, scope and cost of security in your business.

We are not tool operators, we are a company that evaluates and applies security in all its layers. In order to carry out any security operation we need to know and understand to do it correctly. 

How we work from Komake:

Cyber Security Services


Improve the security of computer systems and guarantee their availability. Black Box- Gray Box- White Box.

Bastioning of environments

Prepare computer systems, servers, and applications to adequately resist known and unknown attacks


Any environment must be controlled, so having monitoring services is essential to control, audit and verify the status of the platform.

early warning

The intelligence provided by our team tries to anticipate events by developing different scenarios.


We guarantee that the audit process is carried out by verifying the same number of security controls on an asset. Based on FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams).


Simulate a sponsored external agent that challenges the organization to improve its effectiveness.


It allows to identify those weaknesses that affect the confidentiality or integrity of the information.


Audit focused on the detection of security risks in business wireless networks with the OWISAM methodology.

The best Security Tools and FrameWorks

We know that security is not only about the use of 3 or 4 tools, knowing well the functionality of each service gives you the possibility of carrying out any hack in a system or environment. Even so, the tools created to achieve certain goals help and are necessary for this reason, the Komake security team always uses the most powerful tools on the market to analyze, monitor, bastion, evaluate and violate any environment. 

If you have an environment and want to know if it is safe or not, we are the company that can help you.