Commitment and Excellence

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We make your projects

Most of the projects or services that we analyze have as a common component the excess or lack of computing capacity: either it has been deployed in the wrong place or those resources that are now needed have not been valued. In any case, Komake can help you carry out both a digital transformation and carry out a project from scratch for your line of business.

What do we offer to your projects? You will have
Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Operation, Maintenance, Monitoring
from our best experts.

All projects for Komake have a number of common factors:

Analysis. Es uno de los puntos críticos y vitales de cualquier proyecto IT, ya sea para un proyecto desde cero o para una evolución o mejora en tu servicio. El “análisis” mal conceptualizado o mal asesorado puede derivar en un mal diseño, ejecución y por ende, un resultado que no es el esperado. En todo momento Komake estará contigo, ofreciéndote años de experiencia en análisis de todo tipo de entornos.

Design. It must be correctly structured and dimensioned, since, sometimes, oversizing or reducing a solution can cause a concatenation of events that lead to the absolute failure of our project or complicate it exponentially. To avoid this problem, Komake proposes to its clients a work in conjunction with the real needs, defining and structuring a total and precise design.

Development and Implementation. This section should be the easiest thing to do, since the bases of the project are clear and can be carried out with determination and with a schedule already set.

Exploitation. The process of exploiting the solution or the service already implemented is, at best, an essential part, since we are working in production and the interest that everything works at the 101% belongs to everyone.

Maintenance. The life cycle of your service must be maintained, since, on occasions, we come across clients who have neglected their services and this has led to a functionality and security problem. 

Tracing. Carrying out an adequate follow-up in our projects is important, as it will grant the necessary actions, playing a fundamental role for the good health of the service. If a good follow-up is achieved, we will be able to carry out more preventive and non-reactive actions.

Management of your projects and services.
The work with the client will always be side by side.

How we work?

As mentioned above, the detail of the analysis should be the main thing, so from Komake we will start by conducting an audit where the model that is most necessary can be assessed, being realistic at all times, not deviating the desire with what it is. possible. Once we are clear about the destination, it will be necessary to address both the effort and the investment together, so we must work together hand in hand. 

And if you are not experts ...

Whether you are a company that is currently familiar with the world of technologies or if you are not, it is not an impediment or limitation, since our experts will work from the first moment advising you and focusing the project to try to understand it in the best way possible. We have a variety of experts in the different lines of business, networking, security, databases, etc.

Do I need infrastructure to reach the goal?

La necesidad de infraestructura en la actualidad es un poco subjetiva y dependerá de la situación y de la características de su empresa, ya que en la era de la famosa “Nube/Cloud” cualquier proyecto puede abordarse, tanto si tienes espacio en tus oficinas como si no. Las facilidades actuales son infinitas, por lo que nos encontramos en ocasiones con clientes que necesitan de un servicio híbrido, o únicamente de una infraestructura on site. En cualquier caso, podemos ayudarte a elegir la mejor de las opciones.

Our projects are
they work, study, design
under the best methodologies.