Security and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation.

Hoy en día la “Transformación Digital” es habitual en la evolución de las TICs, pero en ocasiones nos encontramos con una forma errónea de enfocarlo o una forma errónea en su implementación. Nosotros queremos ir de la mano con nuestros clientes, y aportar nuestro conocimiento para que, de forma transparente alcancemos una modernización de los procesos y activos de su empresa, con total seguridad y estando a la última. 

Our knowledge and experience is our greatest value and we make them available to you in all your needs, both day-to-day and in the future. We will fight for you, as if the business were ours, because we understand that it is the only way to be successful. We will accompany you at all times so that your projects, purchases or developments occur in a logical and projected manner. Being with us you will not find yourself alone in your digital transformation process, be it small changes or a complete restructuring.


We know that it is a great responsibility and that the risks are just around the corner, but we guarantee you a job of absolute quality. We make sure that nothing is left to chance, that your scalability is controlled by you, with no hidden costs and always delivering at the agreed times. 

By being with us, we will watch over your business with all the weapons we have and all the assets that are under our umbrella will be safely stored, always acting for your benefit and safety.

Whether you require a cloud, an on-premises implementation or even a hybrid mode, you can trust our judgment. Komake Corp is a young company, but not to be confused with inexperienced, as we accumulate impressive experience in all IT fields and sectors. Let yourself be carried away by us. Our results will speak for themselves.


What do you need? Hacking, pentesting, logical and physical bastions, low-level audits, and much more. Here you will find answers to all your questions and solutions for all your problems.
We can secularize your facilities, servers, applications, etc.
The exposure of your assets is also secularized, and if you need to redesign your network, just tell us what your goal is. We will tell you what you need to avoid security problems.

IT projects

Regardless of the sector to which your business belongs, we have enough accumulated experience to model anything you request. From classic onpremise engineering to software defined networks. Just ask us your needs.
Whether you are an SME or a large company, we can recommend, design and implement any solution.
Whether you need to build your office with 3 workstations or manage a park of thousands of servers, we can help you.

Support and maintenance

Do you need someone to watch over your assets?
Leave it in our hands. We know how to take care of them, and keep them up to date so that your business never stops.
And if you have any incident in your company, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will get to work to eliminate the root problem.

Whether you need us to go in person or remotely, feel free to fix the problem.

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