Cyber security for companies

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Our goal is to secure your company and take it to another level.

Safety and operability always hand in hand

security audit

CVSS, Websites, Ethical Hacking, Networks...


Komake offers a series of specific services and models on various audits.
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Support and maintenance

adaptive services.

Support and maintenance

Our experts according to the subject will provide support/maintenance of those critical and necessary services in your company.
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Systems Bastioned

CIS Security Benchmark

server hardening

Prepare computer systems, servers, and applications to adequately resist known and unknown attacks
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Early warning


Through our expert team in current security research and analysis
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Ethical Hacking Team

hacking and security

Simulate an external agent that challenges the organization trying to reproduce real attacks against the infrastructure, to obtain different results.
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Audits Code

Programming languages

It allows to identify those weaknesses that affect the confidentiality or integrity of the information.
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24x7 maintenance, support and research


Our core par excellence. Safety is the responsibility of all the workers of a company, so at Komake we will not only advise you, we will also help you evangelize your company.


Do you need to carry out a specific project? From the hardware you need to the software we can help you successfully complete the project you want.


We are digitizers, integrators and developers of IT services. Always guided by the best methodologies to accompany the success of good practices.

Hack anything to secure everything.

By preparing our company we minimize the risk of intrusion, theft and improve the continuity of our business.

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Security Courses

Soon we will release our courses!! Don't miss them.

Ethical Hacking

-- Month year
  • hacking from scratch
  • hacking networks, systems, containers.


-- Month year
  • Security in web environments
  • Pentesting on web applications
  • Evaluation, mitigation and detection of web vulnerabilities
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Our goal is to detect and prevent attacks on your company or business data.

Satisfied customers

We always like to think that our best legacy is the feeling and well-being that we leave with our clients, which is why at Komake Corp, commitment and transparency are the pillars on which we build our day-to-day activities. 

Identify, understand, and respond to attacks faster.

If you have any project, doubt or request for us to carry out an assessment or budget estimate, please contact us through the following form or through the telephone numbers shown below.


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